Thank you, Lord, from the deepest part of me, Thank you!

There are things in our life that are more precious than anything else. Our children certainly are at the top of my list. Today Kelly had a bike accident. She was riding her bike down 12th street, fast and without a helmet, something she will have from now on!, A truck pulled out of the alley and had stopped for traffic, but Kelly didn’t see him in time to miss him. She ran into his fender right in front of his right tire. She flew off of her bike and landed in front of the truck. She dosn’t remember anything that happened after she hit the truck until she woke up with people looking down at her. She was pretty whoozy and didn’t really know what all had happened. She said that her brakes didn’t work very well. I didn’t know that her brakes were a problem, I thought that was a different bike that she no longer rides…anyway I guess it is true with this bike as well. Anyway she chose not to go in the ambulance, but when I got home we went to the emergency room! She was dizzy, nauseous and all together not doing very well, she couldn’t move her left arm very well without much pain. Now Kelly has a very high pain tolerance, so when she rated her pain at the er as a 7 or 8 on a scale of 10 I knew she was really hurting. Her X-Rays came back with no evidence of broken or fractured bones, and her cat scan showed no brain injury. Praise God for His protection! This could have been very tragic! God has protected our family from tornados, car accidents and now this. And that is just the last month! >He has been very faithful to us and I am so blessed. So once again I say Thank you, Lord, from the deepest part of me, Thank you!


4 thoughts on “Thank you, Lord, from the deepest part of me, Thank you!

  1. Oh my goodness, Lanie… Thank God, thank God, thank God! And, how is the Mommy? Are you OK too? Are your nerves shot? Do you need to vomit, or cry or anything, or have you already done all that? Scary stuff. God is so, so good.

  2. I am glad she is ok. I heard the truck hit her then I heard she hit the truck. I thought “that will teach him for hitting her” but it did not happen just like that. Of course when you hear the 14 years old version around town she has mising arms and ripped the truck apart with her bare feet. Ok so maybe is wasn’t that imbelished. Yes I took my DMG. I am glad she is doing well.

  3. The mommy was not so good yesterday but much better today. I can’t dwell on the possibility of how much worse it could have been. If I do the feeling of extreme nausea and the need to cry is overwelming. God is sooooo GOOD to us! And I am very thankful for His hand of protection.

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