Rambling, I want my car back!

I have now been without my car for over 3 weeks! I still do not have it and I have just gotten word that I won’t get my car until Thursday! (working on 4th week now!) The problem seems to be the radiator has not come in. ( I wanted to put a picture of a radiator on here but apparently they are all copyrighted, why are pictures of radiators copyrighted?) I am told that the rest of the car is ready to go, but we all know you must have the radiator for the car to work I really hope that by next monday I have my car back and my mother-in-law has her car back! She has been a real sweetie about this but I am sure she is getting testy too, and she has every right to be.

Isn’t life grand? Truly in spite of this inconvenience I do have it really good. And I am so greatful that my daughter was not hurt in the accident that put us in this place. Living with her in the hospital or in the grave would be so much worse! Keeping things in perspective! Thank you Lord for your hand of protection and for teaching me whatever I am supposed to be learing here! As is the usual I will figure it out when I am faced with something else! And so I sign off for now….