What do you think?

The whole idea of either of our choices for President of the United States leading our country at this time, or any time for that matter, is really disturbing. At this point it is picking the lesser of the two evils. McCain is not a good choice and in fact I am still baffled that the Republican party allowed the media to make this choice for us. I truly thought we were smarter than that! What is done is done, though, and now we are going to have to put our “big girl/boy panties/shorts on and deal with it!” McCain or Obama? Well I will tell you that Obama is, beyond words, not a choice for me. As I have stated in earlier posts. So that brings us to the question what would it be like if we went for 4 years without a President? Probably really bad idea…get out there and vote. We have more than just a president to vote for and those positions are important as well. Don’t neglect your civic duty, and if you do I don’t want to hear how you feel about those in office. And sticking your head in the sand and refusing to vote does nothing but show your ignorance. Let’s grow up and do what is right. Vote in November!