The fool says in his heart there is no God. I have been reading a lot of posts by athiests today and have found them to be ignorant in the extreme. While they are thinking that they are so wise and all knowing they are revealing just the opposite! The blindness that they have spiritually, walking in the dark and trying to tell those of us who have The Light that we need to follow them is unbelievable! The mentality that they have a better understanding of life when they don’t even have their eyes open. Kinda like the young child who covers their eyes and thinks that no one can see him because he can’t see anyone himself. We smile at our children when they do this as a toddler but we certainly don’t find it so cute when they are an older child with the ability to understand.

When does it become casting your pearls before swine?

3 thoughts on “Atheists

  1. Ummm… WHY, exactly, are you spending your day reading a bunch of posts by athiests? Do you not have anything better to do? What are you up to over there?

  2. I wish I knew, I have never completely understood the “pearls and swine” thing and when to draw the line in ministering to others.

  3. Ray Comforts blog is where I was at and he attracts the atheists. Gets them pretty riled up. Check it out I have a link to it on my weblog roll. And you know full well I cannot say exactly what I am up to on here unless I am on a password protected page! Which is something that I am seriously considering setting up!

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