Michael Update…

Time for another update on Michael. We have received his update reports from teen challenge now and for the most part Michael is doing very well. His school work could be better, but he has had a hard time staying awake in class. For more info on that see earlier posts! He is doing better now! He has progressed onto the second phase having completed the first phase a couple of weeks ago. He now gets to call us 3 times a week and we have 15 min of talk time instead of 10! He has 4 hour visits on Saturdays now as well instead of the previous 2 hour visit. Irene, pictured with Michael below took him and another teen boy to see “The Incredible Hulk” Saturday for their visit. They loved it! She is such a sweetie!

He told us last week when he called that he had gotten baptized that morning! He was really excited about it. At first he didn’t think he wanted to do that yet but he changed his mind and asked if he could get baptized even though he wasn’t on the list of those who had signed up. They let him, duh! He is changing, every time we talk to him he is better. He isn’t homesick like he was there for awhile. He is adjusting to life there and enjoying it. He had some issues with a staff member for awhile but they worked it out and things are much better now. Both of them apologized for their behavior. I thought that was great that Michael realized that his behavior was a problem as well and not just the staff members! But the staff member also apologized for his behavior. Such great training ground. Taking responsibility for ones own action! God is doing great things in Michaels life and we are very blessed. We will get to see Michael for a home visit in July! He will be home for 4 days! That will be a great time of catching up for all of us.

“Forgiveness does not change the past, but it
does enlarge the future.”
Paul Boese