my poor car!

My daughter wrecked my car a week and a half ago. She was not injured but as you can see my car didn’t fair so well! I thought I would have my car back on Friday of this week but, no, I won’t get my car back until next week. Huge sigh, tears rolling down my cheeks silently. (yea right!) The huge sigh is there though! I want my car back it is hard and rather irritating having to depend on your children and mother-in-law in order to get anywhere. I have had a high school reunion, a funeral, school, and revival every night last week during this time of being carless! Do you all feel sorry for me yet? I am doing my best to paint a pathetic picture here for you and I need to know how I am doing. I guess I am getting a taste of how my oldest daughter feels at College with no transportation. Not that I am going to be able to help her with that but at least I can feel empathy for her! At least everywhere she needs to go, well almost everywhere, is within walking distance! Soooo I am missing my car and ready to get it back.

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