You know I don’t get to uptight about tornados around here. I know that we have a safe place to go across the street. I know that God is in control and that every tornado that has been coming directly for us has changed direction before getting to our neighborhood or even our town for that matter. God has been faithful to answer my prayers concerning the tornados that have been headed our way on several occasions this year! However now there is a tornado headed for Manhattan where my daughter is living. I have prayed and I beleive that God is going to protect her. I just don’t like the feeling in the pit of my stomach knowing that she is so far away and in a dangerous position. This is a time of learning to trust God with my child once again leaving her care in His hands knowing it is the safest place for her to be.

my poor car!

My daughter wrecked my car a week and a half ago. She was not injured but as you can see my car didn’t fair so well! I thought I would have my car back on Friday of this week but, no, I won’t get my car back until next week. Huge sigh, tears rolling down my cheeks silently. (yea right!) The huge sigh is there though! I want my car back it is hard and rather irritating having to depend on your children and mother-in-law in order to get anywhere. I have had a high school reunion, a funeral, school, and revival every night last week during this time of being carless! Do you all feel sorry for me yet? I am doing my best to paint a pathetic picture here for you and I need to know how I am doing. I guess I am getting a taste of how my oldest daughter feels at College with no transportation. Not that I am going to be able to help her with that but at least I can feel empathy for her! At least everywhere she needs to go, well almost everywhere, is within walking distance! Soooo I am missing my car and ready to get it back.