My boys and their toys!

Charlie has wanted a Taylor guitar for years and years! Well it has happened, he found a Taylor guitar used and it is going to be his! At last his dream has come true!
Do you think his smile can get any bigger? actually it can, he has his dads smile and it usually is the biggest when he has pulled something on someone! But that has nothing to do with this blog right now. He is in seventh heaven over this guitar deal! He cracks me up! And I am so excited about having another instrument in my living room as well! Wall to wall instruments shouldn’t bother anyone right?

And lets talk about Kevin and his new toy! We have run down vehicles all over the place around here! I do hope we don’t get kicked out of the neighborhood for having a junk yard! But they all run of course, some very loudly and some with billows of smoke rolling out behind taking care of the bug problem in the neighborhood!

Kevin wanted this truck so bad he could taste it! kinda gross actually, but you know boys! His dad worked everything out today and handed him the keys with the license plate when Kevin came into his office after work today! Kevin was and is still so excited about this whole thing…I on the other hand am really hoping this “farm truck” dosn’t fall apart on him as he is driving down the road!! It is a 1983 Chevy with a standard transmission. I have not actually rode in the truck yet, kinda scared to. You know if you can see the ground from the bed of the truck, looking down from inside the bed of the truck that is, I think I have good reason for my concerns! This truck was brand new the year I graduated from High School! I just posted that I went to my 25th reunion! All kidding aside, Kevin is a good boy young man and he deserves to be happy even if it is over a vehichle that may fall apart as he is driving, I don’t think it smokes like the honda does! So there are bright spots here!


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