25th High school reunion! how can I be this old already?

Wow how time flys by us! I have been out of high school for 25 years now and it seems like it was just a couple of years ago. I wish I could put some pictures up here but my scanner is broke so that is not an option for now. I loved high school. Everything about it, with the exception of a few kids who thought they were “all that” and treated others like jerks, hope they don’t make it to the reunion. On the other hand it would be interesting to know if they were “all that” and if they amounted to anything…I really wonder about some of the kids who were not treated right. How did they do once they got out from the atmosphere of high school and all that entails. Did they shine in College? I hope so, those were some truly neat kids that got a bad rap. I have done very well in my life. I have stayed married to the same man for 24 years now, we have 6 wonderful children that we are proud of, today anyway. We are well cared for and successful in every way that is important. Jesus Christ is the center of our lives as He has been for all of our lives. I think back on the times and places that we have been and cringe at the thought of walking through those things without Jesus there to walk, hold and comfort us through some of the most agonizing times, and to laugh with us and enjoy some of the best of times and triumphs in our life. I am looking forward to seeing everyone (mostly) and catching up with what is going on in their lives. What do they look like? What have they become? It will be interesting. I go alone, because my husband has other obligations and all my children are busy. But that is okay with me. I will enjoy the day none the less.


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