Medical Terminology is almost OVER!

I am so glad this term in school is almost over! I am doing pretty good in this class but I think my brain is saturated with information and more keeps coming, and there hasn’t been enough time for it all to soak in! Flood stage is here!!! I only have 5 more chapters in one book and I don’t know how many more chapters in another book to go in the next 5 school days!!!! Oh Frap, (expression used by my dear friend Chelle) what is my big fat hairy deal? That isn’t so bad right? I have done this for 9 weeks now! I am super woman and I can do anything! No really, I am super woman and I can do anything!! Just ask my family, I can ignore just about anybody and anything for indefinate periods of time! I can sleep through tornado sirens with complete style and calm, I can yell at the top of my lungs and then answer the phone like nothing is wrong, I can take 10 to 15 tests a week and convince everyone that “this is normal”! Let me tell you that Super Woman is not all that she is cracked up to be! Key word here may be “cracked up”! Life is grand and it will be better when this term in school is OVER! Won’t it? deep sigh here, not holding my breath on that one…

8 thoughts on “Medical Terminology is almost OVER!

  1. You are Super Woman, and you can do it! And why does your big fat deal have hair on it? That’s just yucky and uncalled for. There are lots of inexpensive hair removal products for that sort of thing. I’ll buy you one. Consider it my contribution to our friendship.

  2. as you know I am open to your suggestions so suggest away…but be clean okay? and as for the hair on my big fat hairy deal I have no explanation for it. 🙂 I hope the hair removal product you have in mind dosn’t hurt! I hate pain.

  3. I am deeply, deeply offended that you would feel the need to tell me to keep it clean. What is THAT supposed to mean? And when is this supposed lunch date going to take place? What are you doing next Monday (or Tuesday)? Let’s go to lunch and practice our medical terminology. I bet I know several medical terms I could teach you.

  4. Medical Terminology is OVER! I am done! Thank you Lord that I made it through that class! I don’t know yet what my grade is in this class and I may or may not let you know depending on what it is! Right now I am doing a little jig around the computer area at home (not really, but it sounded good!) I am jumping up and down on the inside though… YIPPEEEEEEE it is over!

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