Saturday’s visit with Michael

This is a picture of the skyline behind Teen Challenge. Teen Challenge is the brick building on the far right.

So as you can see he is smack dab in the middle of downtown Minneapolis!  We had a great visit with Michael once I stopped crying and clinging to his neck, I know that was probably rather embarrassing for him with everyone in the hallway. All his new friends watching his mother fall apart right there in the middle of the lobby! But my scene was nothing compared to the scene his father made (eye roll) like he made a scene. Is shaking his hand making a scene? All that raw emotion I just couldn’t hardly handle it! 

Moving on to Michael, we visited in this room that he is pictured in here. We only had two hours with him and the time flew by. We talked about everything that he is doing there how he is doing and who he spends his time with. He had a lot of questions about us and the church, his friends at home and everything that is going on at home. He is homesick but not to the point of despair just obsessive cleaning. Let me explain he has become rather obsessed with keeping everything VERY clean! Perhaps this is because every time he gets in trouble he has to clean. And if you know Michael this means he is cleaning much of the time. He gets in trouble mainly for falling asleep during chapel, class and one time even in the deans office! Do you think maybe his medication is to strong? We have talked with the dr and she has lowered his dose. Hopefully this will help.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time with him! We brought him batteries, he was thrilled about that! (refer to earlier post for explanation of why) a clock radio, candy, camera, film, and a picture from his brother. We didn’t know we were supposed to bring lunch, oops, felt bad about that. Michael didn’t care he just wanted to be able to spend time with us. One of the many changes in him. He is not the same young man we left there. God is changeing him and he is becoming a man of God. When he comes home he will be a different person. That is what we have been praying for. The enemy’s time of keeping him bound is not going to win over God’s plan and purpose for Michaels life. He has lost that cocky attitude that was so much a part of him. There is a humbleness that we were not expecting but were pleased to see. Keep praying for him he needs it. This is not easy for him but he is tryng and he is succeeding. God is good. I will post again after the picnic on Monday. Maybe even some pics of his friends if they give their permission.  

2 thoughts on “Saturday’s visit with Michael

  1. For those of you who prefer to investigate Teen Challenge instead of just taking someone’s word about how “wonderful” this program is, I suggest you read the following links so you can make an informed decision before you send a loved one to Teen Challenge!

    An In-Depth Series on Abuse at Teen Challenge

    Part 1: Teen Challenge: The Assemblies’ Own “Kiddie Gulag”

    Part 2: Teen Challenge: Coercive Groups Disguised as Rehab

    Part 3: Teen Challenge: A Typical Week in the “Jesus Gulag”

    Part 4: Teen Challenge: Life Within the “Jesus Gulag”

    Part 5: Teen Challenge: Possible Missionary Mill?

    Part 6: Teen Challenge: The Depths of Coercion at a “God Warrior” Training Camp

    Part 7: Teen Challenge: Sex Abuse and Sexual Predators

    Part 8: Teen Challenge: Court-Ordered Coercion and CYA Indemnity Contracts

    Part 9: Teen Challenge: Your Tax Dollars, Paying For Institutionalised Abuse


    * Bill HR 5876–A Chance to Protect Kids from Abusive “Kiddie Boot Camps”

    * Join Teen Challenge Lawsuit!

  2. Well Karly you sound like you are easily led. I did check out the websites you suggested and found many untrue statements in them one of them being that Teen Challenge is connected with “Scientology and the Moonies”. That one actually made me smile because of how blatent the lie was. Teen Challenge is a faith based rehab that has a very good track record. They do not force anyone to stay and they let you know up front that they will require you or your family member to be involved in church and faithbased activities. It is a “lock out facility” not a “lock in facility” which means that no one is forced to stay. If you want to walk out the door you can. I also found it interesting that the only articles you had were by this same “dogemperor”. He sounds to me like he didn’t get something he wanted and is now on a mission to destroy. I did allow it to be put on my blog because I know that my readers are intelligent people and will be able to see the lies as easily as I did. I am sure that your intentions were “good” but after my son being in this facility for only 2 months we are seeing changes that are beyond what we hoped for at this point. We talked with the boys, their parents, and the staff and all reports were of how much incredible the changes are in these boys lives. They are off drugs, they are excited about life, and Yes they are excited about serving Jesus Christ! They are missions focused, and they make it very clear before you ever sign any papers or leave your loved one there. These men who are working with the boys have had a background check and everything that can be done to safeguard these boys has been done. There may be abuses at some facilities, but there is abuse everywhere you go. Predators get in the best of places. Do we stop living? No, we do research and we safeguard our family as much as we can. I would suggest that you, Karly, find some real information and not just take dogemperor as gospel. As you have been misinformed on many levels.

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