And so we hit the road again!

We are heading out to see Michael for the first time in two months! I miss that boy! I have almost forgotten why we sent him there, almost, not completely though! We are (Charlie and I) going to get to spend quite a bit of time with him and that is going to be nice. I don’t know how the trip home is going to go, but surely it will be better than last time. Last time we were leaving him with people he didn’t know, in a totally foreign enviroment. This time we are leaving him in a place that he has been living in for 2 months and is “home” to him now. Surely that will make it easier for all of us.

And so on to the next son. He has asked a young lady from school to go to a movie with him. She is a cutie. I am sure they will have a good time. They are going to see “Prince Caspian”. He has very little money so I don’t know if he is planning to take her to eat as well or not. I will let you know how this First date for my son goes. His father is so proud that he had the guts to ask her out. I want to slap both of them. I don’t care if he is 17 he is still my baby boy. This is hard on my momma heart. I do not like being the parent of older children! I have stated this before but just in case anyone didn’t read it before it is so stated once again!


5 thoughts on “And so we hit the road again!

  1. Just be thankful it’s “Mom I’m going on a date next week” and not, “Mom, I’m getting married next week!”

    Just giving you a little perspective!

  2. How old is that picture of you & Charlie? Your hair is shorter and Charlie’s wearing glasses. And where was that picture taken at any way? That’s not your driveway. And what are you doing in the picture dividing up your coins trying to come up with gas money??

  3. Well let’s see we were not trying to come up with gas money, I don’t think. this was when we went to my brothers for Christmas a couple of years ago. Who you making fun of? Be very careful because I may be able to find some old pics of you and then comment on them at will…

    And yes, T, I am very thankful it is a date and not marriage, thanks for putting things in perspective!

  4. Well Kevin’s date wasn’t what he had hoped. He is going to be much pickier about things in the future. Live and learn, cute is not always a sign of acceptable…better to find that out now than find it out later when there is much at stake.

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