Holly has graduated!

What a great day! Everything was perfect. Holly was beautiful as usual, the day was beautiful, and Holly is now free of High School! She was so ready to be done with school! I am so proud of this young lady, she is bright, well grounded in the word, loves the Lord with all her heart! I could’t ask for anymore!

I look at her and wonder just what it is the Lord is going to do with her. Is she going to get married and have a family? Does the Lord plan to use her in ministry somewhere? She has so much potential so much zeal for the things of God.

I am excited for her and at the same time apprehensive because I know the testing by fire that comes with ministry and walking with God! She will have to walk that path just like I did and so many before and after me have.

Holly stay strong, stay in the word of God, listening to His voice! Don’t listen to the lies of the enemy. Don’t settle for the wrong man to marry simply so you can get married, it is not worth the heartache that comes with that decision. Wait for God’s choice for your life. I am so proud of you Holly Beth!

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