When God Speaks

Sometimes we don’t want to hear what God is saying to us so we take the stance that He isn’t speaking to us at all! We don’t want to do what we know is right or we don’t want to stop doing something that we know is wrong. So we say that “He isn’t talking right now” or “I cannot hear God’s voice”. Well is it that He isn’t speaking or is it that He is waiting for us to obey what He said first and then He will give us more info? I have seen the effects and felt the effects of this. Many times the symptoms of not listening and obeying is a feeling of being lost, alone and sad. Just not fitting in anywhere. When this happens the first place we need to run to is the feet of Jesus. He is where we find our strength, purpose and joy.  I am feeling the pain of one of my children as she searches for her purpose and is trying to find where she fits.  All I know to do is pray for her, for I have been there and I know how lonely that place can be. The neatest thing about being in that place though is when you have that face to face encounter with God and He shows himself strong and faithful even when we have not been strong and faithful! He is our strength when we are weak and He is the one who gives us the ability to be faithful!

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