Happy Birthday David!

David is 22 years old today! Wow how time flys!! David has been such a joy to us as a family, well most of the time! He definately lets you know exactly how he is feeling. If he is happy you know, if he is mad…YOU KNOW! God has taught us so much through this amazing young man! He has shown us what it is to love God, worship Him with all your heart! He has been a character builder in all our lives here. He has shown us our inability to do anything outside of God! We have watched miracle after miracle with this young man! David you are a joy and a blessing to our family! We love you so much! Happy Birthday Buddy!!


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday David!

  1. David is truely a reflection of his namesake. I know that you guys probalbly did not name him David as in the Bible king, but he definately has “a man after GOD’S own heart”. David is truely an innocent GOD seeker. I am sure that the first part of eternity will be spent with him telling us all the things that he has always wanted to tell us!!

    Happy B Day my friend!

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