Dangerous situations, painful heartaches….

Do you ever feel like something just isn’t right but you can’t put your finger on it? Like you are in someway in danger but everything seems to be fine, no one else is acting like anything is wrong!? I hate that feeling! I have learned to pay attention to those feelings though. Sometimes it is nothing but the enemy trying to cause me to lose my peace, but sometimes it is the Spirit of God warning me. I have learned to get on my face before God during these times and then do what He says. Sometimes it is “nothing is wrong go on as usual” other times “move over just a little bit” or “pray for your daughter or your son” “cover your husband he is having a rough day” or like my most recent one, “cover your friend she is being severly beaten down by the enemy and needs your prayer like never before!” My friend has lost everything, her family, friends, church everything. The enemy has so completely worked in this situation that she dosn’t even have the support system that she thought would be there for her! I can not get a hold of her and so I pray and intercede for her. I think of this picture above when I think of how precarious our life can be. Everything is fine and then seemingly out of nowhere we are hit by a boulder we thought was just shade from the sun, but turns out to be the very thing that will crush us! My heart is so heavy for this young woman, but I know that the prayers of intercession going up for her will do their work in her heart if she will be willing to allow God in to help her.


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