Update on Michael

Well it has been about a month and a half since we took Michael to Minnesota. I miss him so much! He called me this weekend. Saturday night when he called I was on my way to Wichita and in the middle of our conversation I lost signal and lost the call! (groan) How frustrating! I missed his last two calls altogether and now I lose signal?! He called again on Sunday afternoon to wish me a happy mothers day! As we are passing the phone around the car my phone dies!!! I didn’t bring my charger and it ran out of battery! (okay now I am getting a little testy!) We did get to talk to him for 8 of the 10 min he has to talk though! He is doing well, in school and in the program. He has quite the list of things he says he needs! AA batteries, a clock radio, snacks, 35mm camera (digital is not allowed), and of course money for his spending account! Okay so all of this makes sense accept the batteries! My son has this thing about batteries! We could never keep batteries around because he loves to use them and he loves anything that requires them! So I ask him, what do you need batteries for Mike? He says he can rent a CD player but has to stay in one area with a cord attached so he wants batteries so he can walk around with it! Of course I should have known that! It makes perfect sense to me! All in all as far as we know he is doing great there. We are going to get to see him Memorial Day. They are having an all day picnic and have invited the parents to join them. We will drive there Sunday, spend the day Monday and turn around for home Monday after the picnic…I sure hope Charlie will be able to stay awake to drive all night! Just kidding we will take turns! I can’t hardly wait to get a my arms around his neck! I am not however looking forward to leaving him again, I already find myself tearing up when I think of leaving him there! God’s grace will cover that when we get to it! Hopefully it won’t be as hard this time as it was last time…
When you think of Michael please pray for him.

Oh and on a side note Michael’s hair is cut in a buzz now! For those of you who know Michael this is a big deal! He loves his long hair! I will put a picture up of him with a buzz when I get one! (a picture, not a buzz myself! Do I have to explain everything?) 🙂


3 thoughts on “Update on Michael

  1. Good for Michael, I am glad to hjear he is doing well. Say hi for C and I. We will continue praying for him.

  2. I miss him as well… of course the icing inventory at the day care is doing well…
    tell him I said hello, I might even get him a can of icing him…:-)

  3. Michael, I am so proud of you. I heard you gave your testimony. I know that was hard but blessed so many. I am praying for you. Please pray for us too. Hope to see you at Christmas. My Dad has been at rehab for hip surgery & will be home soon. He asks about you. Love, God Bless You, Carol Moore

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