Mothers Day Tribute To My Precious Mother!

Mothers Day is Sunday! I am getting to spend Mothers Day with my mother this year. I am so excited to be able to do this. For so many years she has honored my grandmother by going to her home for Mothers Day. Now it is my turn to honor my mother by going to her church and spending the day with her.
What does one say about a woman as wonderful as my mother? Well let’s start with she is WONDERFUL! She is a delight to spend time with, a precious woman of God, a faithful wife to my father for 45 years and counting! She is full of wisdom and only shares this wisdom when it is asked of her (which is further evidence of her wisdom), I have watched her when she is hurt run to the heavenly Father and lay it at his feet, refusing to allow bitterness to take root, and believe me there has been plenty in her life to cause a bitter root if she would have allowed it. (My parents have pastored for many years) not that Pastors are the only ones who are hurt, I know that everyone of us have our hurts and wounded places. But Pastors are on a level that many of the people in churches never experience when it comes to hurt. The reason is because they pour so much of their time, love and energy into the people they shepherd and are often bit and spit on by the “sheep” they care so tenderly for. At least that is the case where my parents are concerned! Anyway moving on about my mother. There isn’t anyone whom I would rather have had as my mother! She is a precious jewel in my life, someone I treasure along with her two sisters! My cousin T and I affectionately call them “the treasures” when we refer to them! I have learned so much from my mother. I have learned to laugh, out loud, until I cannot breathe, and tears are rolling down my face and I am doing the pee pee dance trying not to wet my pants! She has taught me to love with all my heart even when those I love hurt me! There isn’t anything that happens that is worth losing relationship over! She has taught me to let the hurts pour out of me at the feet of Jesus, crying it out and then leaving it there. She has taught me that my relationship with Jesus is vital to every part of my life, not to be neglected or overlooked in the hustle and bustle of living and raising a family but that it will give me the wisdom and the strength to face each and everyday with its challenges, seeking His face is the very life source of my life! I can only hope that I have been able to transfer on to my precious daughters and sons the same truths that my mother has so faithfully taught me. Thank you Heavenly Father for choosing to give me to such an incredible wonderful woman. I am blessed!

Happy Mothers Day Momma!!!


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