Administrator’s buckle under pressure?

Let’s see here…we have students that have been underage drinking on a school trip, we have students who have stolen (some of them $100’s) from business’s. Yet what has happened? Some of them are expelled for 3 days others recieved 8 days. Here is my issue. The kids who were not involved and those who were involved all know that some of the students guilty of the worst degree of crime here got off with only 3 days of suspension! Why is that? What do the kids who got the 8 day suspension think when they see that if they had only been more popular or their parents been more prominent, or they had been a better liar, then they too would have only had 3 days instead of 8? Of course all I know is what the kids are saying about it all. But you know what the kids are the ones who know what is going on. The message sent out here is you can do whatever you want, you will still graduate (all of the students are going to walk at graduation, with the exception of one who is failing a class), you will not be held responsible for your actions, we will ignore everything if you are popular enough or you have the right parents. But if you do anything wrong and you do not meet the above criteria we will kick your but out of school for the rest of the school year. At least that is the message I am getting. I may be all wrong here and I may have heard things that are not true. But this is what the students are thinking and this is the message they are recieving whether it is true or not. Our school Administration has made some very poor choices in my eyes. And I have reason to expect them to tow the line. They insisted on doing things by the book with my son, he stole $19. He was kicked out of school for the rest of the school year. (there was more to it than that but, the message is still the same), Some of these kids stole $100’s and they are suspended for 3 days. Hmmmm I am having a real hard time with making any sense of this. Perhaps if you know more than I do, maybe you could enlighten me as to what is going on here?

5 thoughts on “Administrator’s buckle under pressure?

  1. Hey I here you. It is a symptom that we are seeing more and more freqently in our society. That “iamnotresponsibleformyactions” virus is a doozy. You see it works like this, someone does something wrong and by the time the mom and dad, the administration and everyone else gets involved it becomes no one’s fault and they were a victim of circumstance. I think in this case those that got three days probably had the loudest parents and those that got 8 days had the parents who either did not care or did not cause a fuss. i think it is an injustice that your son was cited for breaking policy and was suspended for the rest of the year, I am sure if you press the issue they will tell you that those suspended for 8 days were suspended for the rest of the year so the punishement was the same. Well the punishment is not the same and these kids were given their first taste of the real world, they have learned if I make enough of a fuss, have enough money or power I can get away with stuff with a slap on the wrist and little consequence. I am sorry to see that our school system is not only turning a blind eye to teaching our kids to take full responsibility for thier actinos, but they are encouraging it.

  2. My son (you know the comedian one)said today that he thinks all the seniors were back at school today! So if that is the case than they all only got a 3 day suspension. Some of these students committed a felony! My son was expelled for the rest of the school year over $19 (not a felony)as well as other incidents that were not felonies either, in fact they werent even misdemeaners! These kids got 3 days for stealing over $200 (a felony) and for underage drinking, also against the law am I not right?! I am just a bit upset by all of this. And very, very disappointed in the people who are making these decisions. This is a double standard. Would I want things to have gone differently for my son? No, absolutely not. I am far more interested in his character than his comfort or feelings. He did wrong and he needed to pay the consequences for his choices. Perhaps my husband and I are rare but we love our children so much and want to see them succeed, in order for our kids to truly succeed they must learn the consequences to their actions. These kids had no real consequences. That is a shame. Shame on the parents and shame on the school administration.

  3. It is an injustice to the child most of all. We had a student playing football when I was in highschool. He was from another school but everyong knew he had been in trouble and the school kept overlooking it because he was the “stud” football player. He graduated and went on full scholarship to NEO to play football for them. He did not make it a full year before he landed in jail and the school instead of covering his rear booted him off the team and jurked his scholarship. Life Lessons are hard when you have been taught wrong.

  4. I can only guess that your administration is running scared of lawsuits. I’ve seen it here especially with vocal parents who demand their “rights.” This is getting to be a tougher business we are in when there is little or no support from parents. Sometimes, you see the parents and wonder how the kids have managed to turn out so well.

  5. I was stunned at graduation to find that not only did they allow all these kids to walk but the Salutatorian was one of the kids that was guilty of stealing and drinking, however I don’t know that he admitted to the drinking part. It was wrong. They should have given that honor to one of the other kids who had good grades and integrity. There were several to choose from. Not a lot but several. I have been so disapointed in how this whole thing has played out. The underclassmen are the ones who are going to pay for these kids mistakes and the kids who are guilty get a slap on the hand with no real consequences. Welcome to the real world underclassmen! But rest assured these kids will pay their consequences God is not mocked, and he sure isn’t scared of being sued by the parents. Which by the way I did hear that some parents were threatening to sue the school. I have some thoughts about the parents that I won’t put into print!

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