leaving the nest

Well I have talked about most of my children now with the exception of the two oldest! I think that I will talk to you about my daughter Stephanie this time. She is a Sophmore at College, majoring in Architecture. She loves it. However I miss her so much sometimes that it leaves a physical ache in my heart! She will be home this weekend (she just called and asked me to come get her!) We really need to figure out a way to get this girl some wheels! She is planning to go to summer school this summer so we won’t get to see much of her. When did it happen that she became an adult with her own life? She is now completely separate from us. She has her own life that is hers alone and we are not a part of. I know this is normal but it is foreign to me. Well sorta foreign, you know teenagers exclude you most of the time! But this is different. One thing that is not different however is the prayer coverage that she gets from me. I pray over her regulary, and earnestly pray when the Holy Spirit wakes me or grabs my attention during the day. That is something that will never change, that and how much I love her. God has a plan and a purpose for each of my children, and I know that plan and purpose will be fulfilled in each of their lives! Stephanie if you read this I want you to know that you a my bright star and that you have and do bring me much pride and joy in how absolutely wonderful you are. Your laugh is contagious, your spontenaity is scary, and your zeal for whatever you set your mind to is exilerating and intimidating sometimes! Crowned One is what your name means! You are a precious child of God and crowned in the Glory of God, or should be anyway! Make wise choices and remember that the time is coming soon for His return!
So back to those of you who are not Stephanie, she is a rare jewel and precious beyond words to me. Her value is far more than anything this world has to offer in any form.

2 thoughts on “leaving the nest

  1. Well her Aunt T adores her, and you forgot to affectionately mention that she is our “little 4.0”
    (and what is really scarey is that she “gets us”!)

  2. She is my favorite Akytek!
    She will be designing the buildings of the future… maybe she can design an addition to the tree house…

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