Termites? Oh for Pity Sake!!

We are caught off guard so often arn’t we? Well I received a text message from my daughter today stating that she thinks we have termites in the kids bathroom in the window seal! Well you know when they get to the point that you see the damage you have a huge problem! So now we have to deal with it! What if I would have called a year ago or so when I had a little nagging feeling that there may be a problem? I would have saved us a lot of work and a lot of money! What if Charlie would have listened when I said “hey there is something going on in the kids bathroom would you check it out?” But you know what we don’t like to look into things because most of the time it reveals a problem and we then have to act on it. It is so much easier at the time just to ignore it and hope it will go away! TERMITES DON’T JUST GO AWAY! My feeling was that it was a water damage problem and that we would have to fix some plumbing and maybe some walls and subflooring, now we are going to be wishing we had walls and subflooring! Termites are like illegal immigrants, they come in, unwelcomed, and destroy as they go demanding more and more and costing us a lot of money! There isn’t much I can do about the illegals but I am going to get rid of the termites!


8 thoughts on “Termites? Oh for Pity Sake!!

  1. Oh no!! I feel your pain, we had those nasty critters, they swarmed inside the house when they shed their wings. Double check with a good pest control guy that they are termites, there is a good chance that they just started and it might not be as bad as you think. Where you guys live there is plenty of old dead wood to eat, they like that better than house wood.
    Be blessed!

  2. I think (pondering) … yes I do believe (thinking it through) …I just got slammed in that little rambling!

  3. Thanks Pastor Pat for those hopeful words and yes Charlie I do believe (after thinking it through) that you were slammed! And ummmm PT I don’t know that anything you may have to say to me will get through, like you didn’t have your chance when I read his post to you on the phone just what…60 min. ago! Stop trying to get on his good side (inserting an eye roll here):}

  4. The only good advice I can offer is get them gone. My house had termites when we moved in. We had it treated and they left (YEA). We still have not fixed the floor damage they created (3 years later) but they are not doing more damage.
    If it is truly termites then maybe taking a ywo step approach will be easier on the finances.
    1. Get them gone-pay off loan
    2. Fix the house-as finances allow

  5. okay, I have an appointment set up with Terminix to come on Friday the 9th. I am praying that this is not going to be as bad as some of the stories I have heard! God has already provided funds through an unexpected check in the mail this week. I had no idea it was going to have to go for this, but Praise God it is there! He is Wonderful and truly does provide for all our needs and in this case before we even knew we needed it.

  6. OK, here is what the termite treatment guys have to do. Your house has slab floors and some crawlspace area in the main part I think. In the crawl space area they will have to dig a tunnel around the perimeter of the foundation and pour in a solution of termite killer. They should remove any and all debris under the house as the mites like to eat them. On your slab area, (garage) they will have to drill holes in the slab like every 12″ and pour in the solution. The reason I know this is the people we originally used to do our house did none of this (Orkin) and charged us for it all. After three years of paying for “retreatments” we decided since we had not saw any we were fine. Well what we did not know was that there were termites there all the time, the Orkin guys just kept them from coming up when they swarmed and we would see them. Well we had another swarm and this time I called a local guy who came in and told us to call the OK goverment about what they did and they came back and did it right for free!!

  7. Well hopefully Terminix will have a better work ethic than Orkin! We do have a local guy around here but I don’t trust him. I had him check our old house for termites so we could sell it. He told us it was fine, no termites. Well we did have termites! He just didn’t really look. All he wanted was our money. And he stole my ear thermometer (those things were expensive then!) We should have called the state on him too! Anyway Friday is the day of reckoning!

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