Teens making poor choices

My daughter went on her senior trip this last weekend. She said that she had a great time! The sponsors who went with them allowed them to stay in rooms alone and to go wherever they wanted to go using the public transit system. They loved the freedom! This sounds like such a good plan, I mean after all these kids are 18, or most of them are right? So they should be able to conduct themselves in an adult manner and make right choices without a babysitter telling them what they can and cannot do. That is the theory anyway. As it turns out a large number of the kids who went on this trip had sticky fingers and just couldn’t seem to leave things alone in the stores. They stole left and right and they stole stupid little things. What was their reasoning? Well things were just to expensive and they were being “ripped off” by the merchants. So of course it would make absolute sense to “rip off” the merchants in return right? Wrong! They were caught and they are in so much trouble. The fact of the matter is that if these kids were so mature that they didn’t need to be supervised why did they take 10 sponsors for a group of 34-36 kids? What were these sponsors thinking allowing them this much freedom? Now understand that I am not saying that this is the sponsors fault entirely, these kids made their plans and would have carried them out even if a sponsor had been with them, they just would have been sneakier about it. And what of the parents? Well lets face it we do our best to raise our kids with a good moral compass (well most of us do I think) and then we have to let them loose to make their own choices. Many times the choices they make are horrendous and we are appalled by them! So who is to blame in this situation? I don’t really know, it seems that the bulk of the blame goes directly on the shoulders of the kids who did the crimes, and some of the blame is on the sponsors who were not supervising. I only hope that the parents do not step in and stop any discipline that is handed down because of this. If that happens then these kids are going to get the message that it is okay to steal. It isn’t okay to steal I don’t care who you are or what your reasons are! It dosn’t matter if you are a star athlete or star student! It dosn’t matter who your parents are or how popular you are stealing is wrong and the consequences of stealing can land your but in jail! Lets do our part parents to teach our children and allow them to pay the consequences for their actions.

As a side note my daughter was not involved in the stealing and I am so thankful that she wasn’t. This aside if she had been we would have backed the school and the administration in whatever they decided to do, for we have already been in that boat with our son. I have lived both sides of this scenario and I do know how it feels to have your child make a very poor choice and then have to walk through the consequences with him! Having his future decided by people other than you is very, very hard and is humbling. But because I love my son we did not stop the course of his consequences, we allowed him to pay them and we allowed the school the ability to carry them out without lawsuits or anyother such immature behavior that parents often are inclined to use. Parents who stop the consequences are thinking of no one but themselves, they certainly are not thinking of the child who is going to end up paying the consequences at some point, but they will be far more severe later on down the road.


5 thoughts on “Teens making poor choices

  1. Doing the right thing is always harder. Hard is Good!!! It builds the character we want our kids to have!

  2. Well I for one think the sponsors should have left them all in jail and had the parents make arrangements to get them back home. I know that I would have probably told them to keep them for a little while so they can experience the “inside”. But the society we live in today teaches us that it really is not our fault in any situation and that we can rationalize any decision in our best interest without a moral compass. I stole because, “well THEY were ripping us off, THEIR stuff was so expensive, and THEY really would not even miss these small things we stole…” I have heard it a million times, people not taking responsibility for their actions. I had a lady pull out in front of me one time on my morotcycle, thank the Lord that I was not going that fast. She pulled right out in front of me and when I got stopped I was looking at her right in the window. She looked up and saw me, gave a surprised look and then rollled down her window and said, “You need to slow down…” and then proceeded to drive right in front of me shaking her head. Did I mention that she was the one that was supposed to stop, I had no stop sign, I was doing 25 when I saw her look at me the first time and though, “she is going to pull out in front of me” and started slowing down. Byt the time her drivers door was in my lane I was a complete stop looking at her when she saw me. If I wasn’t such a nice guy I would have took my boot and kicked her mirror off… but I take responsibilities for my actions… I guess I am just out of touch in this modern world…

  3. Well at last count they expelled 20 kids from school from 3 to 8 days. I was rather disappointed that some of the ones who were guilty of the most only got 3 days. I don’t know all the details so I will refrain from making comments about it really does matter who your parents and who you are…I really thought our school administration would be able to withstand the onslaught and do what is right, apparently I was wrong. Well would you look at that I didn’t refrain from making the comments and the administration was not able to do what is right when faced with the ridicule of “important” people. Oh well big surprise!

  4. Doesn’t matter if they are 18, a school trip is still the responsibility of the school. A teacher cannot let kids run loose without supervision. This may be the reason for a lighter punishment that you write about in a later post. I read it before this one. The school blundered in not taking better precautions with the kids.

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