Miracles are still happening around us! Kelly, my precious daughter pictured here, fell off of a horse last week. Well actually she lost her balance on a turn and was thrown into a fence post. She has been kinda gimpy, and having quite a bit of pain. She didn’t do any damage that wouldn’t heal with time. However she is visiting her cousin for a couple of days and they went to church on Wed. night. She was prayed for and low and behold she can bend over and touch her toes! She could only reach the middle of her shin when she left home on Wed. afternoon! She also is healed from those pesky migraines she has been suffering from for over a month now! God is sooo good isn’t He? And for another miracle…on my way home from Joplin this evening I came around the bend in the road and there in the road is a huge, okay maybe not huge, but definately big deer! I did not have time to miss this animal and he turned to run back to the middle of the road! I swerved to the side of the road and missed him by inches! My heart pounded all the way home! David laughed and giggled all the way home! Do you suppose he saw the angels that moved the deer and my car so we didn’t connect? He was so excited by the whole thing! Grandma on the other hand was not laughing and giggling! She may have needed to change her pants when she got home! I didn’t look, for pity sake she needs some privacy!

6 thoughts on “Miracles

  1. WOW! Quit hogging all God’s time and attention, wouldja? Give someone else a turn! Thank God you (and Kelly, too!) are OK. Been missing you, thinking boutcha, and praying for you, but didn’t really know what I was praying for… Sounds like you’ve needed those prayers. Give me an update on M. when you have a chance. Been wondering about him, too. Are you going to the thing tomorrow? Love you.

  2. Hey M is doing fantastic! I am so excited about what God is doing in his life! I will post about it in one of my posts so everyone can hear what the Lord is doing in his life. I am going tomorrow so I will see you there and will fill you in then. Love you too, even if you are a little, er, weird. E~

  3. Hey, riding bareback on a round sweaty horse while wearing slick wind-breakers and at a dead gallop trying desperatly to regain controll of your past controllable stable owners horse (breath) Is not as easy as you think! (Kelly!)

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