Well here is the scoop on Michael. He is my youngest son and he made some choices that were getting him into some serious hot water. After trying everything to help him and getting no where after two years, we (his father and I) decided that he needed more help than we could give him. We took him to Teen Challenge in Minnesota a month and half ago. Broke our hearts to leave him there as he is ten hours away from us now. We can write and he can call us twice a week. We drop everything to take one of his calls! I pray for him all the time, and one of the things I have been very specific about is “devine connections” he needs to be connected with someone who is in love with Jesus and will desciple Michael. Well on our last call Michael told me that he had been moved from a 5 “man” room to a 3 “man” room ( I am using this term loosely!) The other 2 boys in the room are on the 3rd phase of the 4 they have to complete to graduate the program. He said that he really likes being in there. They pray every night before bed, and they talk about what the Lord has done in their lives while they have been at T.C. They are mentoring Michael one on one. God not only gave him 1 devine connection but 2! He is doing very well in school as well and has been very encouraged there. He has had some problems with his medication causing him to fall asleep in the morning and that has gotten him into some trouble. But even then he has taken his punishment well. They have to do extra housework type stuff. I called the Dr. and got his medication schedule changed to an afternoon dose. That was a fiasco as the nurse wanted me to take him to a Dr. in Minnesota to take care of that. That is a whole other story! All in all we are very pleased with how things are going and what the Lord is doing in Michaels life right now. The decision to send him was a heart wrenching choice, and riddled with questions of “are we doing the right thing?” He will be there for 13 to 15 months. That is such a long time. We get to see him on the 4th of July when I bring him back for a Dr. appointment. I will post about him as the time goes by giving you reports on how wonderful God is and how changed Michael is becoming!


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