Marriage advice from an expert!

I read some great marriage advice this morning! I am encouraging all of you who are married, no matter for how long, to check out this advice and put it into practice in your life! Just click on “and sam makes seven” go to the post labeled How ’bout a little something to lighten the mood?”. Thanks Chelle you made my day lighter!!

3 thoughts on “Marriage advice from an expert!

  1. If I make you laugh, then why would you want to punish me by publishing that horrid picture? Who said you are allowed to post hideous pictures of me? I didn’t sign any legal release for you to use my image and likeness. I’m calling my attorney. I’ll see you in court, little girlie.

    Welcome to blog world, by the way. I subscribed to your blog, so I’ll be able to keep tabs on what you’re up to. Somebody needs to.

    Are you going to the homeschool thing on Friday? Please say yes. If you go, I may be inclined to cancel my pending legal action against you.

  2. Am I really that fat? They say the camera adds ten pounds, but does it also add 10 chins? Truly nauseating. I hope none of your readers were eating when they saw it.

  3. I never think you look fat and you look great in that picture so stop your griping. and of course I am going to the thingy on Friday, but Kelly won’t be with me. She is in KC for a couple of days. I will be there to help though because I am fearful of your lawsuit!

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