Sunday Night

What a neat service! You know I have been in services where you don’t ever get to the preaching, but on Sunday nights we have preaching first and then Praise and Worship, well we never made it to the praise and worship! The Holy Spirit was moving and the people were in the alters seeking God for personal revival. God is doing a work in the people of Gateway getting us ready for whatever it is that He has planned to do with our church. We are not very big but the cool thing I observed last night is that almost everyone who was there really wanted to be there and really sought God for personal revival. As we continue to seek Him, walking in obedience to His word spending time with Him in prayer we are going to see some pretty incredible things! The word tells us that we will do even greater things than Jesus did! Are we going to become a book of Acts Church? Oh I pray we do! Something else I found is that it isn’t about the emotions, although we all like them, it is about walking with God and doing what He tells us to do. Hearing His voice in the chaos and obeying Him! Revival is very personal and it happens one by one! As we are revived (brought back to life) people around us are touched and are able to be brought to life or back to life whichever the case may be! Allow God to use you in anyway He wants to today, see what happens! Blessings!

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