My very own Blog!

Well this is an exciting adventure for me! I have a bookclub blog, that I have been writing on for a few months now but this one is for personal use!  Putting pictures up and talking about everyday things. Today was a regular day, school, school, school.  My older kids were home today because of a bomb threat at the high school! Wow what some kids won’t do to get out of going to school. I do hope they catch the punk who is responsible for this though!  And that his/her parents don’t lawyer up and decide that somehow the punks rights were stepped on because they were reprimanded for threatening my childrens and those of others lives with a bomb!  Yes , now you know stupid really irritates me!  Parents lets stop enabling our children to do what is clearly wrong and make them pay the consequences when they do! 


2 thoughts on “My very own Blog!

  1. Wow…why don’t you go ahead tell us how you really feel. No, I’m mean seriously, go ahead and really share your innermost thoughts…


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